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"Consultants to families and attorneys of those sick, dying or who have died within U.S. jails & prisons, hospitals and nursing homes due to delayed, denied & inadequate care." "Listen to them, learn from them, save a life and learn from the death of your loved one."

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1.   A Georgia mom shares her heart-wrenching story of the sudden loss of her son while assigned to a transitional center, and the uphill climb she had to get the most basic of information.

2.   Incarcerated for 25 years, Charles Johnson explains the necessity of family involvement for those incarcerated and encourages families and inmates to partner with The Wrongful Death & Injury Institute.

3.   A Florida mom wants you to know the heartache and heartbreak she endured and endures every day at the loss of her son while incarcerated in a county jail. She wants you informed .

4.   Eyes wide open is this son's message to the world if you have a loved one incarcerated in a U.S. jail or prison. You need to know what to do before it's too late.

5.   MHVC - USA - Trapped - Mental Illness In America’s Prisons - Inside Kentucky’s Correctional Psychiatric Treatment Unit. Trapped portrays the life and conditions of the prisoners with mental illness at the Kentucky State Reformatory. A film by Minnesota-based photographer Jenn Ackerman that shares the experiences of these prisoners through a gritty black-and-white film.

6.   Movie Trailer for Factor 8:The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal - Trailer for the award-winning independent documentary film by Kelly Duda. Go to www.factor8movie.com to learn more.

7.   Factor 8 Bonus: Kelly Duda visits the Clinton Library