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After over two decades working to protect the health care rights of the elderly and inmate patients in U.S. jails and prison systems, The Wrongful Death & Injury Institute, LLC (WDI) has reached a critical moment that will enable us to be exponentially more effective. It is no understatement that WDI increases an inmate’s chances of surviving his or her sentence and in the most horrific of times when an inmate dies, guides families through that process. Healthy relationships go two ways. As WDI seeks to be there for you and your loved ones, we need you to stand alongside us. Will you partner with us as we continue passionately and consistently to consult and educate families how to fight for the life of their loved ones who are sick, dying or who have died?

If normal levels of health care are to be provided to an inmate, there has to be a network on the outside helping to pull the stops and push the buttons. We can’t do it alone - and clearly an inmate can’t do it alone. What we have worked on for so long must be expanded and we are excited beyond words to say that we’ve found a way to do that.

The Wrongful Death & Injury Institute has partnered with Provision Bridge and Helping Hands Ministries, a charitable foundation in Atlanta, Georgia, in order to provide the necessary charitable arm to our plan—it’s called the The Wrongful Death & Injury Institute Fund. In large part, this fund will provide support to families that come to us unable to afford the costs associated with helping their loved ones in prison who are sick, dying or who have died.

Will you lock arms with WDI and take the opportunity to make your donation today? A receipt for your credit card payment today will be generated as soon as your donation is made. You can also send your *check to:

Provision Bridge
PO Box 157
Tallulah Falls, Georgia 30573

* Place in the reference-subject line of the check: The Wrongful Death & Injury Institute Fund

All contributions received prior to December 31st will serve as a charitable (deductible) tax donation for 2016 and a year-end tax receipt will be issued to you by January 31st.

We are deeply thankful for your support, your interest and involvement in fighting for the lives of others who cannot fight for themselves.

    With enduring gratitude to you,
        Karen Russo

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