ObamaCare Prototype Already Exists - Prison Healthcare For Everybody

"What the AMA Could Learn from the MLB"
from October Special Medical Edition 2001 of Ingram’s Magazine, Kansas City’s Business Magazine.

Sick on the Inside, "Correctional HMOs and the Coming Prison Plague"
by Wil S. Hylton, Harper's Magazine August 2003 Edition

Healthcare Behind Bars:

Death, Neglect & The Bottom Line

     by William Allen and Kim Bell
     The St. Louis Dispatch - Investigative Report Reprinted with Permission
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Article 1:   Healthcare Behind Bars: Death, Neglect & The Bottom Line
Article 2:   Push to Cut Costs Poses Risks & Not Just to Inmates
Article 3:   Social Problem, History of Abuse, No Choice / Watchdog without Teeth
Article 4:   Prison HMO Business is Booming
Article 5:   Dr. Says Bottom Line is Ruled / Inmate Got Treatment Due to a Judge & Nurse
Article 6:   Alabama Teen Died in Isolation 7 Weeks after Sentence Began
Article 7:   Medical Neglect, Hands-Off Attitude & Diabetic Denied Insulin for 30 Hours
Article 8:   Healthcare Workers on Guard / Heart Surgery Delayed Until Too Late
Article 9:   Drs. with Troubled Pasts Find Work Behind Bars
Article 10:  Florida Women Doen't Get Drug Needed /
                  Seven Nurses and a Doctor Cited For Wrongdoing of Diabetic Treatment

Article 11:  Lawsuits Claim A Nurse's Error Led to Four Inmate Deaths /
                  Grand Jury Says Medical Records were Changed in Inmate's File

Article 12:   When an Inmate Dies / Look at Death / Autopsies

Special Report: Dying to Get Out

by Mike Fuhrman - Columbia Daily Tribune

Part I: Accrediting agency gives state prisons high marks - September 29, 2002
Part II: Advocates face tough challenge -September 30, 2002
Part III: CMS keeps physicians under wraps - October 1, 2002

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